(L-R) Co-founders - Kia Nazarpour, Hadi Heidari and Noel McKenna of Neuranics (by Stewart Attwood)

Prof Kia Nazarpour, a co-investigator in the Bionics+ Network, is a co-founder and the Chief Strategy officer (CSO) of the bio-magnetic sensor technology company Neuranics, a joint spinout from the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. The company has recently secured £1.9m investment in a pre-seed funding round. More information about the company and the sensor technology they develop can be found from the company website here.

The company’s magnetocardiography (MCG) sensors are easier to use than traditional electrocardiography (ECG) sensors. In a human-machine interface application the magnetomyography (MMG) sensing system can estimate single finger movements by detecting the magnetic activity of the forearm muscles. These sensors improve the latency issues when used to control a robotic hand, or interact with virtual objects in the metaverse.

Prof Kia Nazarpour & Neuranics

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