This event at Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA, may be of interest to you.

This in-person two day event will include five sessions with topics including: Noninvasive Neuromodulation, Translational Neuroengineering, Decoding & Modulation of Human Language, Functional Imaging, and From Neuroscience to Neurotech.

Keynote Speaker: Ed Boyden (MIT McGovern Institute)

by Rice University Neuroengineering Initiative

Dates for your calendar:

  • Thursday 12th May, 2022 from 8:00 AM
  • Friday 13th May, 2022 to 6:00 PM

If you would like to know more about the conference please follow this link:

If you would like to submit an abstract or a poster, then just follow this link:

The submission period is from 1st February to 1st April 2022.

Restoring and Extending the Human Brain, 12-13 May 2022

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