I know that many of our network partners know that as a network can help to promote discussions, new research ideas and ways in which to test new solutions. We can also fund various activities – at our launch we introduced the various funding methods we have planned – and these can be summarised in this post.

The following diagram illustrates the various way in which we expect to be funding networking in the Bionics field:

Over the course of the 4 years of the Bionics+ Network we will issue 18 calls, across 5 funding schemes.

We plan to issue specific funding calls that registered project partners of the network (remember that registration is free and you can register here if you are not already a partner) can respond to. The calls will give specific details and will list the inclusion and exclusion criteria, as well as the mechanisms we will use to decide outcomes – we plan to adopt the EPSRC standard model for this.

Our first call will happen early in the new year 2022, initially for the RADA training, public engagement training and exchange visits. Whilst we will issue a call when we first launch these schemes, the schemes themselves will remain open and we plan on funding a number of times throughout the year – again, this will be made clear in the calls.

Watch out too for our call for the first Sandpit – we are actively discussing this in the exec group and will share our thinking soon.

Christopher James ( Bionics+ PI)

Our funding calls

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