We are happy to announce our first open call for funding which is open to all eligible network members (make sure you are registered as a network member so that you are able to apply – use the contact us form on our webpages to do so). This call covers three specific funding streams which are listed next. Please read carefully and contact us if you have any queries or wish to apply.

Funding Areas

  1. RADA training: Each year, we will sponsor a number of network members to attend a relevant training workshop of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). We don’t wish to proscribe the eligible courses, just take a look here to see what RADA offer. We of course have limited funds and can only fund a small number of members each year – so make a reasonable and compelling case: we will read all applications sent carefully. Budget Available £8,000
  1. Public Engagement Projects: Each year, we will sponsor a number small scale public engagement projects within the Bionics field and other related STEM activities broadly. Example activities could be the creation of Bionics related videos, animations & high-quality illustrations, or demos of specific aspects of research within the Bionics remit. In assessing these applications we will consider how appropriate a project is for public engagement, as well as cost-effectiveness. Budget available: £6,000
  1. Research Exchange Visits: Each year, we will fund two National & one International research exchange visits of PhD students and/or ECRs to facilitate the initiation of new collaborations and help researchers to acquire new skills that are not available in their home institution. Note that this funding is exclusive to PhD students and ECRs and you will be required to state your career stage in your application. Funding will be allocated to partially cover receipted travel and accommodation expenses. You will be required to make up any shortfall between actual expenses and the amount we can offer. Budget available: £6,500

In order to apply for any of these funding schemes you can apply at any time by submitting an email to our Network Manger Ms Richards, she will then supply you with a relevant form to submit to us. All funding decisions will be made during the quarterly meetings of the Steering Group – which includes the executive group as well as EPSRC representation. We will follow all the rules and regulations stipulated by EPSRC when allocating funding and we expected those funded to abide by these similar rules. A short report will be expected upon completion of the project/ trip by each awardee. We welcome applicants from the UK from all backgrounds – some calls may be limited to early career researchers by design but this will be made clear in the call.

Bionics+: 1st funding call

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